Software Systems

Operating systems technology for converged ECUs


André Hergenhan and Gernot Heiser

OpenSynergy GmbH

Open Kernel Labs




The number of ECUs in modern cars is increasing, with top-of-the-line luxury cars featuring in excess of 100 processors. For example Volkswagen's Phaeton possesses about 70 to 100, depending on the version. The large number of ECUs is causing problems with cost, complexity and even space.

AUTOSAR is the automotive industry's emerging standard software architecture, specifically designed to support merging separate control functions, formerly provided on individual ECUs, onto a single processor platform. It provides real-time operating-system (RTOS) functionality with hardware-enforced protection to isolate subsystems, and defines a component framework that is designed to integrate software components provided by different suppliers. These communicate via a virtual functional bus (VFB).

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